All Consignment & Salvage By Appointment Only

All appointments are made in person or via phone

First-Time or Regular Consignment Appointment

  • Time is set aside to do inventory while you wait. Any “no thank you” items will be returned to you at that time.
  • Please bring your 20 Best items!

Drop-Off Appointment

  • Must be an existing consignor with a consignor’s number
  • Appointment day and time is necessary
  • NO RECLAIMS on drop-off items
  • Must be labeled with consignor’s name and number
  • Limit of one (1) drop-off appointment per month
  • Limit of 20 items

Salvage Appointment

  • Must be scheduled with the owner at the store. Call 609-492-9400.



  •  We do not offer reclaims on merchandise valued under $25. Arrangement for reclaims must be made at time of consignment.
  • “Reclaims” left after 30 days become the property of Coastal Consignment & Salvage Co.


How We Consign & Salvage

All appointments are made in person or by phone

What You Need to Know as a Consignor

Consigning fees, proceeds and sale prices

Items Not To Bring In

Find out what we accep and what we don not take for consignment

Directions to Our Store

Visit us to shop or make an consignment apppointment