All Consignment & Salvage By Appointment Only

All appointments are made in person or via phone

Gifts Can Be Special the Second Time Around

Coastal Consignment & Salvage Co. in Beach Haven has a lot of interesting antiques and collectibles, glassware, and decorative items, as well as “gently-used” clothing and all sorts of things that make shopping fun.

Owner, Judy Studer Hamilton says, “I want people to have fun when they come in here and have a good time. You never know what you’re going to find. We do put new things out every day, so it changes all the time. I tell everybody, it’s like a treasure hunt. Some things are hard to describe. It’s a little bit of everything. We certainly have clothing, a lot that has never been worn, but we also have antiques, handbags, accessories, scarves and wonderful jewelry.”

There are a few pieces of vintage clothing in the shop at all times and some pieces of furniture. Large pieces of furniture are displayed in photographs because of space considerations.

We try to tell people that we will look at anything and everything as long as it’s exceptional. All the consignment is done by appointment only.

We do not take more than 20 items the first time you consign and there is an annual fee of $10 that can come out of proceeds of your first sale.

Judy lives here on Long Beach Island and thought it was something that the island needed. The local people have been so supportive and so helpful. People like the space. They have a great time when they come in and they can find great bargains.

How We Consign & Salvage

All appointments are made in person or by phone

What You Need to Know as a Consignor

Consigning fees, proceeds and sale prices

Items Not To Bring In

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